Wednesday, 28 January 2004

Advance Australia Fair

And the hilarity continues.

After spending with the latest winter bug (possibly helped along by the antics of last weekend), spent a raucous few days celebrating Australia Day. The was a bit of discussion amongst the ex-pat community here, as to what the day actually signifies (some argued the arrival of Captain Cook, others the landing of the three ships, and a small proportion Federation. Honestly, what is our education system coming to). The was no argument however, about the duties of an Australian citizen who is overseas on Australia Day.

First, and most importantly, beer must be consumed in huge quantities. It need not be Australian beer, but must be a) cold and b) either a Mas (1 litre) or a Halbes (half litre).

Second, music must be loud, from the following selection: Cold Chisel (pref. Ke San - don't know how to spell it but you know what I mean), anything by John Williamson, Midnight Oil, Split Endz, Crowded House (on Australia Day, they're Aussies) and more recently, Jet. Each set must also include one of the following - Land Downunder, Waltzing Matilda, Home Among the Gum trees or Advance Australia Fair.

Finally, the gather of Australians must take place in a tacky Australian Bar frequented predominantly by travelling bogans, Soldiers on leave (remind me to tell you about the 3 American guys on leave from Iraq - full on), a few Irish and Northern English (who, on Australia Day, also count themselves as Aussies - either that or it's just an excuse for a piss-up) and the occasional German out to pick up a foreigner and/
or practise their English.

Needless to say, it was an amusing weekend. I acquired a surfboard. It's plastic, inflatable and has an enormous Foster's logo on it. I say 'acquired' because technically, I should have had to drink four Foster's to get one (as if!) but I asked one of the waitresses nicely and she gave me one.

For the foodies: Most excellent meal of trip so far was consumed on Monday - half a free range duck, with a beer sauce, served with Brat Kartoffeln (potatoes, roasted then fried in a bit of butter - mmm). The duck was so huge that I was able to take half of it home in a doggy bag and make a red curry with it the next night (peeled the skin off so it wouldn't taste like beer sauce).

By the way, big hello to fellow teachers who went back to school today. Heh. Roz and I will be having a drink for you tonight.

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