Thursday, 7 February 2008

Grow Your Own Roundup

Just a short one to let you all know that the Grow Your Own #6 Roundup has been posted by Andrea. It's very exciting to see home cooks from all over the world sharing their 'food miles' free recipes (buzz words keep my mind off the drink).

PS. Did anyone catch Food Safari last night? Don't you just want to give Charmaine Solomon a cuddle? If you think I'm mental, read this cute interview by George Negus for the ABC in 2003 (try to overlook the obligatory 'George looking pensive' image on the page header).

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Andrea said...

I'm so glad you could join in the event! Thanks for mentioning the roundup. :-)

Jj said...

Dittos ... thanks for mentioning the round up!

Best Refrigerators said...

Interesting, thanks for pointing this out!